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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oki Garden

The boys have been begging to plant a garden like Papa and Oji. So Monday we got to work. We found a little green house on clearance at the BX. We have a huge bug and snail problem here. I hope this helps. I was telling the boys not to get to excited because seeds take a long time to grow. So keep in mind we planted these Monday that was 4 days ago and here are the cucumber plants today. Maybe this is normal but to me I swear if we sit long enough we could actually watch them grow.

And thats the way we roll...

It is amazing to me how quick Dylan can pick up on something. He heard this song on the radio once and started singing parts of it. He heard it twice and you get video number 2! I guess we can thank primary for balancing him out with video number one. These were taken about 2 minutes apart. I think it is soo funny but Scott thinks I better start playing CD's and forget the radio. But for now I am going to rock it with Dylan! He is such a funny kid.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gotta Love Base Housing

So, in order to get my license to be a home day care provider I have gone through a few inspections. One by the fire department, who told me I had to have my "mystery wire" taken care of. (A DIY project Scott and I did putting up a ceiling fan. We ran the wire on top of the false ceiling and then down through a hole. If you look closely in photo 1 you can see the gold wire running down to plug in. ) Next was to sand our chain link fence and spray paint it to cover the rust. Needless to say, we pulled the fence out. 1 hour of our time verses the 100 hours of sanding. The fun part is how the Base Housing Service department fixed my mystery wire. (See photo ) Yes that is plastic tubing they glued to the middle of the wall, along the top of the wall and across the ceiling to encase the wire. Scott and I may have created a potential fire hazard but what they did is just ugly!!! Gotta love base housing! Believe me looks even worse in person.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 mile RUN

Here is the before shot. We decided to run 10 miles to the next town. Justin, Scott, Monica and Robyn. I talked pretty cocky about kicking everyone's butt. Unfortunately now I have to deal with the fact that I came in last. I still think I did great though. Robyn even had a cop cheer her on! Yeah us!

And the after shot. Notice not so tuff in this one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My B-Day

Well I had a wonderful birthday with so many friends wishing me a Happy Day! The best part of the whole day was the butterfly costume Dylan made me. You cant see in the photo but the head band has straw antennas with balls on top like a butterfly. He spent weeks planning and working on gifts to give me. Both boys woke up nice and early (6:30am) so the could give me a big hug and tell me Happy Birthday. One more of the many reasons I love being a mom! My friend even made me my favorite carrot cake! The best one ever! Thanks to everyone for the phone calls and e-mails. I felt very special today!

Boys singing

Hi Grandparents

One good Cookie